Our Mission

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The Leona Tate Foundation for Change’s mission is to promote, improve and enhance racial equality through various avenues of education. To empower and enrich our communities from a spiritual, multicultural, economical, historical and social perspective. The Foundation will strive to educate the public, in particular the younger generation regarding the lessons of the civil rights movement and its impact on human rights efforts throughout the world. To foster sustainability, job creation and economic development in order to accelerate the re-population of our Community. This will be accomplished through the process of community meetings, workshops and public forums. Other objectives will be to preserve and conserve historical elements such as McDonough #19 Elementary School and other structures. Restoration of these historic landmarks will once again allow them to be functional, to be utilized and to re-energize the local and global communities as well. These endeavors will advance cultural literacy, citizen involvement and the appreciation regarding their significance.