The Leona Tate Foundation for Change’s (LTFC) mission is to promote, improve and enhance racial equality by empowering and enriching communities in New Orleans and beyond through education, employing spiritual, historical, economic, multi-cultural, and social perspectives. The lead project of the foundation is to preserve and re-purpose the McDonogh #19 school as a memorial museum and multi-purpose center in New Orleans, targeted to open in fall, 2019.

The museum will explore the history of school desegregation as a major part of the civil rights movement in New Orleans and beyond, through a permanent exhibition highlighting the courage of three African-American girls and their community in the fight for equal rights and equal education. The museum will help to educate new generations and encourage their participation in ongoing efforts to build a more just society. In addition to the museum, LTFC plans to create spaces in the building for adult literacy programming, a community radio station, office space for nonprofit organizations, and affordable housing for seniors.

The LTFC seeks to reach people of all ages and ethnicities, with a special emphasis on educating young people about the history of the civil rights struggle for equal education in New Orleans.